Bushra Ansari Being Criticized For Wearing Short Dresses At This Age


Social media has become a powerful tool that has served for the greater good of society, but at the same time, it has also become a medium to spread all kinds of negativity.

People that are often the target of criticism are celebrities, who have to publicize their personal life to some extent to stay within the limelight. Female celebrities face criticism more than male actors. They are being criticized for their looks, dressing, so far and so forth.

Bushra Ansari’s picture has become the latest target of trolls. She landed in Houston for Hum Awards and her picture with Ahmed Ali Butt went viral over the internet. Bushra’s body-hugging dress with bare knees caused a ruckus. ” I respect Bushra Ansari, BUT…” this was the common theme of most of the comments under that picture.

vHere are some of the most hurtful comments under Bushra Ansari’s latest picture. Check it out!

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