Eating nuts might help limit weight gain

assorted nuts

A recent study said, despite their high-calorie counts, daily doses of nuts might help people keep off excess weight, especially when nuts are substituted for less healthy foods.

Researchers followed 126,190 healthy middle-aged adults for 20 to 24 years. At the start, participants were typically at a healthy weight or slightly overweight. By the end of the study, about 17% of participants had become obese.

People who increased their total nut consumption by a half-serving a day (14 grams, or about half an ounce) were 3% less likely to become obese, researchers report in The BMJ. Boosting daily walnut consumption by a similar amount was associated with a 15% lower obesity risk while adding tree nuts like cashews and almonds were tied to an 11% lower obesity risk.

A senior study author Deirdre Tobias of Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston said increasing nuts in the diet may help maintain a healthy body weight in several ways.

Tobias advised to get the most health benefit from eating more nuts, people should avoid nuts coated with salt and sugar.


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