Foreign minister challenges Modi to hold public gathering in Srinagar


Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has challenged Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to hold a public gathering in Srinagar.

“Modi should go to Kashmir and then we’ll see if the Kashmiris support Pakistan or India,” Qureshi said in an interview with SAMAA TV after his return from Geneva on Thursday.

He said India was a hurdle to regional peace.

The foreign minister called on the world to wake up or else the consequences of extremist thinking by India would not only impact the region, but the world.

Commenting on bilateral relations between India and Pakistan, Qureshi said he currently sees no possibility of any dialogue between the countries.

He said Pakistan has successfully sensitised the world regarding the alarming human rights situation in Indian-held Kashmir.

Qureshi said he had highlighted the Kashmir issue before the United Nations Human Rights Council in his visit to Geneva and appreciated the positive response of the council.


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