buy ibooster wifi amplifier

Nowadays having Internet is essential in all Spanish homes not only for professional work, but also for leisure and fun, because in the end we are talking about a tool that is used practically at all times, so the connection must be powerful and be available at any time.

The importance of being connected

buy ibooster wifi amplifier

A good connection is more necessary than you can imagine, since simply to watch a video or play a video game it is essential to have an adequate signal, without cuts, something that can get lost if we are not near the modem.

But, without a doubt, the most important factor is that we need to be connected also outside the home, especially at work. A bad connection could give us more of a dislike. 

The best solution to Internet problems

Equally, so important is to have Internet as a good repeater that allows us to have the connection throughout the house. In this way, with the iBooster amplifier you will have a device that will make your Wifi signal widely spread throughout the house.

This amplifier has enormous guarantees as it is the best selling Wifi amplifier on the market, which also allows you to have a high-speed connection anywhere in your home, leaving aside the common problems of Internet connection and also stop having that feeling of anger and despair when the connection is cut.

buy ibooster wifi amplifier

Main advantages

  1. Installation . You will not have to worry about a tortuous configuration and installation, because the installation of the iBooster is really simple, all guided by software so that the user does not have any problems. And this person will only have to connect the plug and synchronize it with the WPS button, in an action that only lasts a few minutes. In addition, it is portable.
  2. More strength and intensity . Another advantage is that not only increases the intensity of the Wifi signal, but also the strength of it, because in the end we are dealing with a boost that enhances said signal to reach all corners of the home or office. And in this way he is also able to overcome obstacles, without being forced to change furniture. In fact, this amplifier is able to overcome those barriers without having to seek a redistribution of them or even have to make reform.
  3. Security and functionality . It is a safe and functional option as well as economic. These repeaters have the latest technology in terms of security, with a WPA2 encryption to turn them into a really secure solution and that integrates perfectly in our environment to offer us the best performance. Therefore, don’t worry, nobody will be able to steal your signal.
  4. Economical solution . The cost of this device is much lower than what we would pay for a greater amount of megabytes or greater intensity, so you would also be saving over the months.


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