Morning Shows Need Content Writers


In Pakistani Television and films every thing is being upgraded the same way morning shows need to be upgraded. The shows definitely need some concept and content writers in order to avoid below the belt and harsh statements which do create discomfort for guests
Morning Shows need to be revised while they go on air.

Nida Yasir has been blamed for endorsement of her shopping her tours and she asks guest to showcase their make up routine, their cosmetics etc  sometimes she just asks unnecessary things which is taken too negatively by audiances and in recent past the actresses were sharing her videos of shopping display on their instagram and referred it as a cringe worthy act.

In a show she showed all the shopping she did from USA. The health and tips segments are not necessarily needed. Its high time to create content based shows. Morning shows are often blamed for inviting same guests, same content.

The show Faysal Quraishi did with Qavi Muhammad Sir, was good the way he talked to senior showed the respect element. Faysal Quraishi is not a strict person he tries to control Adeel Amjad but the guy has not provided with any code of ethics for the show, he is of his own kind, he is extemporaneous but this quality may become a drawback.


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