Virtual reality helps kids getting X-rays


A virtual reality program with cartoon characters may reduce children’s fear before imaging procedures, a South Korean study suggests.

Compared to verbal instructions, a virtual reality experience that explained the process of chest X-rays in detail reduced kids’ anxiety and stress, researchers reported in JAMA Pediatrics.

“Getting an X-ray can be scary for children but showing that VR education works helps pave the way for using it during more challenging medical procedures in the future,” Hunter Hoffman, director of the University of Washington’s Virtual Reality Research Center in Seattle, who was not involved in the new study, told Reuters Health by email.

Dr. Sung-Hee Han and colleagues from Seoul National University’s Medical Virtual Reality Research Group, who were unavailable for comment, conducted the trial at Bundang Hospital in Seongnam in the summer of 2018. They randomly assigned 100 children, ages 4 to 8, either to a control group that heard simple verbal instructions or a group that experienced a three-minute virtual reality program.

The research team measured the children’s stress and anxiety during the X-ray process with the Observational Scale of Behavioral Distress, which was originally developed for children requiring bone marrow procedures but has been expanded to other pediatric procedures that may be painful or distressing. It includes 11 behaviors that indicate distress, including crying, clinging, fear, restraint and screaming.

The VR experience was provided through a head-mounted VR display, which creates a 360-degree, three-dimensional virtual environment. Chatan and Ace, famous animation characters from the Korean series “Hello Carbot,” explained the process of chest radiography in detail, encouraging the children to cooperate during the procedure. The VR process took them into a radiography room, explained how to pose in front of a chest radiography machine, and reassured them to take a deep breath and not have anxiety.


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